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Dates 1999-2003
Description Spatial Focus developed an overall Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan for GIS, followed by a comprehensive Implementation Plan. We also assisted the County in the selection of photogrammetric, planimetric, topographic and cadastral mapping consultants, and provided quality control services in reviewing the products produced by the selected vendors. Spatial Focus prepared a comprehensive database design for GIS, and assisted the County in the selection of software and hardware for GIS development. Spatial Focus has also assisted the County in the development of comprehensive address data, and assisted in the selection of and management of a new digital color orthophotography to update the previous set.
Project Team Sara Yurman, Project Manager
Martha Wells, Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan, Vendor Management
Don Holloway and Don Baker, Photogrammetrists
Kristen Perry, Quality Control Supervisor
Nancy Roney, Martha Wells, Darious Moore, Don Baker, Quality Control Technicians
Project Reference Mr. Mark Lane, GIS Manager
Planning Department
Hall County
P.O. Box 1435
Gainesville, GA