Fairfax County Government

baker_fairfax.png Description
Client Name IT and GIS Department, Fairfax County, VA
Dates of Work 2000 to 2002
Description of Work Spatial Focus worked with Fairfax County to identify needs for a Master Address Repository, and to design the data model for the Repository. Extensive work was done to evaluate individual department work flows that created, consumed or used addresses, to insure that interfaces between the Repository and these enterprise applications could be implemented. Further work on incorporating quality assurance testing methods within the data environment was also included.
Project Team Martha Wells, Project Manager, Sara Yurman, Director of Information Services
Client Reference Tom Conry, GIS Manager, Fairfax County, VA, 12600 Government Center Drive, Fairfax, VA, phone: 703-324-3909, email: thomas.conry@fairfaxcounty.gov