Who We Are

Spatial Focus, Inc. is an independent consulting firm, specializing in planning, design, implementation and technical services in the field of geographic information systems. We concentrate on issues related to street addressing.


Spatial Focus, Inc. was formed in order to offer a new standard for vendor-independent technical and consulting services in geographic information of all kinds. Any enterprise, public or private, connects to its resources using geographic information. Addresses name places, and land records describe areas. Census and electoral geographies, postal zones, sales territories and delivery routes are all geographic information. Management of that information is the key to leveraging resources with spatial focus. Organized in 1998, Spatial Focus, Inc. specializes in integrating geographic information throughout public and private enterprises, giving them the spatial focus they need to succeed.


Spatial Focus, Inc. specializes in cost-effective solutions that connect geographic information with business data and the organizational structure. These connections provide the spatial records integration crucial to effective deployment, maintenance and expansion of information systems. This approach produces solutions that are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Integrated with business records and decision-making
  • Capable of maximizing a return on information investment, both past and future